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Accredited Schools
The American Academy of Financial Management ™ organizing certification training worldwide and offering our exclusive designations to candidates who meet the high standards. Click here to Check Out.

AAFM University
AAFM is a professional member of ACBSP and AACSB. It has a global recognition alliance with the 560+ Top Business Schools of the ACBSP™ and AACSB International.

AACSB International ™ Accredited Colleges

AAFM Now a Prof. Member of the AACSB International and a Corporate member of the ACBSP

Over 400 AACSB International ™ Accredited Colleges who offer AAFM MFP Master Financial Professional™ Approved Education in Finance Worldwide. "The AACSB International ™ is the World's Highest International Accreditation Authority for the best Business Schools." The AAFM Board of Standards has approved 435 business school financial majors as MFP-Model Curriculums . Click to Check out the list

Under the global recognition agreement, any graduate from one of 435 AACSB™ business schools with a major or concentration in finance would be eligible for the Master Financial Professional MFP Designation Read More

If you have an AACSB Finance Degree, Apply Now and e-mail us your resume, or use our online

The American Academy of Financial Management Board of Standards has officially recognized (on Feb. 11th, 2003) All AACSB™ Accredited Business Schools. Any graduate who is awarded a Finance Degree from an AACSB™ Recognized College or Business School will be eligible for the MFP Master Financial Professional Designation™ after meeting the AAFM™ requirements of experience, ethics and continuing education. Read AACSB Press Release

ACBSP International ™ Accredited Colleges

The American Academy of Financial Management™ AAFM™ and ACBSP have signed a global recognition agreement to mutually cooperate to support the programs of each organization.

AAFM™ offers 8primary designations and certifications that are listed on the Compliance Investor Education and Financial Designations websites. The list of designations with links is available . This includes the Master Financial Professional™ (MFP™) designation which will now be available to any successful graduate of an accredited institution with a major or concentration in finance (5 or more finance related courses) if the student graduates with a 3.0+ GPA. For more information go to here.

AAFM™ is committed to develop software platform for its accredited providers in order to make them able to manage their training centers, members efficiently with latest state-of-the-art technologies.

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