International  Accredited Financial Analyst AFA Master Financial Planner Certification Certified Charter Global Academy of Finance and Management American

ISO Certified 9001 & Accredited Education & Training

Wealth Management Risk & Financial Planning Training and Certification 

The GAFM ® Board is the 1st Graduate Certification Body to Become Accredited  and Certified for: ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 29990 Training in the World. GAFM ® owns the former AAFM ® Certifications and Programs


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AAFM ® American Academy of Financial Management ®  

Building the World's Leaders in Management

AAFM ® Approved Executive Education - AAFM ® is the First in the World to integrate double accredited government recognized Degree Education as a path to certification

USA - EU - India - Africa - United Kingdom - China - Singapore - Asia - Latin America - Philippines and West Indies

















AAFM ® Global Executive Training Approved Locations


•USA Accredited Law School Courses  

•Singapore   美国金融管理学会

•Asia Greater   美国金融管理学会

•China and Hong Kong  Shanghai & Beijing  美国金融管理学会

•Africa  - Economists Assocation - Ghana, Kenya and more

•India  - Bombay Mumbai - Chennai - Delhi and more

•Latin America  Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Chile, and more...



•Korea -   美国金融管理学会

•West Indies  Dr. Collins in the Bahamas


•Africa - Nigeria  




Accredited Degree Programs and Waivers


AAFM ® Qualified Accredited Degree Education and Certification Paths - 1000+ Approved providersGovernment Recognized Accredited Degree Programs where AAFM Accepts Credit via Accreditation Articulation.  Over 1000 Business Schools Recognized by AAFM. "The AACSB International and ACBSP ™ are the World's Highest International Accreditation Authority for the best Business Schools." The AAFM Board of Standards has approved 1000+ business school financial programs as MFP-Model Certification


1000+ Accredited Colleges Worldwide


If you have a degree from an Accredited Business Program, then you can apply for certification now: Check the list: Level 2 Double Accredited Programs such as Business Schools with Accreditation from the: ACBSP, AACSB,


Submit Your Resume Now if you have Successfully Completed Qualifying Accredited Education and Exams or If you desire Qualified Accredited Education for Certification.


If not, AAFM ® awards Certification to successful graduates of the online law school courses which are from an Accredited Law School. AAFM ® is the first in the WORLD to have an alliance with an Accredited Law School.



AAFM ® Asia Specific Training 美国金融管理学会

•AAFM Asia’s accredited training companies:

•Global Best Resources China/Hong Kong  

•P.T. Imperial Education Indonesia  

•Aventis School of Management Singapore  

•Chartered Institute of Technology Singapore  

•ERC I Singapore  

•Financial & Biz-Ed Consultants Singapore pls contact  

•Ivy Education Group Taiwan  

•Brightonberg Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd Malaysia

•Mantissa College Malaysia


International Programs that are Qualified as a Certification Path


AAFM ® Latin America Specific Training - 20+ Nations Available OnSite and Online in Spanish  - Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru and 20 other Nations.


1. Universidad Esan in Lima

2. Universidad del Pacifico in Lima

3. Universidad de Santander in Bucaramanga, Colombia

4. CESA, in Bogota

5. Universidad Virtual of Monterrey Tec

6. BS Grupo in Lima

7. Bolsa de Valores de Lima



AAFM ® USA * For all Legal Correspondence AAFM ™ Legal Department - Attention: Counselor G. Mentz, Esq. (Licensed LA USA - Federal Laws Court EDLA)

1670-F East Cheyenne Mtn. Blvd.; Suite #293, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 USA

504-495-1748 504-495-1748  Fax: 419-828-4923 CONTACT LEGAL *  


AAFM ® Asia Singapore  Asia Representative Office:AAFM Asia Representative Office American Academy of Financial Management (Singapore) (a duly registered not-for profit society)

132 Joo Seng Road

#04 -01, Uniplas Building

Singapore 368358


AAFM ® USA Law School Post Juris Doctor Program Sponsor - ChapterA non-profit Law School Masters and Doctorate Degrees from ABA Accredited Law SchoolSan Diego, California, USA  


AAFM ® Beijing/Hong Kong Email:  AAFM China Development Center- Room 803, Building D, International Economy Finance Centre, 87 Xisanhuan Bei Road, Haidian District Beijing 100089, China


AAFM ® International Training GCC ™ARAB LEAGUE OFFICIAL PROVIDERS - Sponsored by the AABFS Arab AcademyAABFS owned by the Arab League which is non profit, government recognized, UN diplomatic Organization * *


AAFM ® Spanish - Latin & South America ™ 20+ Nations - Non Profit Government Schools Click Here -  

Dr. Roberto Santillán Salgado - Presidente de la AAFM Capítulo México  

Av. Fundadores y Rufino TamayoSan Pedro Garza García, Nuevo LeónMéxico C.P. 66269


India AAFM® - Indian Institute of Finance AAFM Training Center,  Bombay, Kolkotta, Delhi, Chennai


AAFM ® and AAPM ® EU and EUROPEEAFM EIFM  Switzerland, UK, Athens


PARATUS Europe Ltd.

13 Olgas Str.

GR 165 61, Glyfada, Greece

Tel. +30-, +30-

Fax. +30-


Eleni Kiochou Publishing and Training Services.

84 Galatsiou Ave

GR 111 46, Galatsi, Greece

Tel. +30-


AAFM ® South Africa Courses IITF - ITI International Tax Institute

ITI Courses (AAFM Approved) Administration Offices:14b Ebony DriveNorthcliff 2195 South Africa  


AAFM ® Nigeria AAFM Institute training and courses  c/o Dir. Samuel Temitope Apanisile PMconsultings (Apan Muelt Consults)  +2348023054799AAFM ® Global Representative


AAFM ® UK United Kingdom (PCMO) - www.pcmo.orgPO Box 10006, COLCHESTER, CO1 9FW, United Kingdom - Fax: + 44.700.598.1545Contact: Mrs. Lekshmy Sunil - Executive Director ( Management Certification -  Certification, Registration, Verification & Course Enquiries:


AAFM ® - Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaManagerial & Financial Training Center (MFTC) P.O Box: 11592Jeddah 21463- Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaTel: +966 2 6529126 +966 2 6529126 +966 2 6529126  +966 2 6529126  Tel: +966 2 6529278  +966 2 6529278  Fax:+966 2 6531275Website:


AAFM ® BRAZIL Chapter - Exam Center & Admin Offices Provided by Silva Rosa GroupLetters: Rua José Baruzi,57 - São Paulo SP BRAZIL 04477-290 eMail: Contact: +55(11)3711-5732 ; +55(11)3711-5732  +55(11)3711-5732 +55(11)3711-5732  Extension #446Website:


North: Posgrado.NET - IDAAM Educação Superior -

São Paulo: KPO Consulting and Educational Services -

Escola Paulista de Negócios -

South: PEC-SUL/ Universidade Cândido Mendes -

Other regions: Estácio Universidades -


AAFM ® Taiwan - AAFM Taiwan c/o Ivy Education Group  142, 3F/3, Chung Hsiao E Rd, Sec 4,?Taipei, Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan  


AAFM ® AFRICA - AAFM Chartered Economists - Africa Association of Certified Chartered Economists ACCE (Ghana) National SecretariatHNO. 4, 1st Amooanaa Str.Odorkor Official Town - AccraP. O. Box DK 433, Darkuman - Accra, GhanaTel: (0233)21-324065/323660Fax:(0233)21-324061 Mobile: (0233)243 447933/244848284 E-MAILS  a.cce@live.comWEBSITE


AAFM ® AFRICA - APAN MUELT CONSULTS (PMconsultings™) Samuel TemitopePMconsultings™ Management Training +2348023054799 +2348023054799


AAFM ® Lebannon, Syria, Iraq - Dr. Boustani Azarieh Street – Solidere 616 – Beirut Azarieh Building Bloc 3 – 5th FloorP.O.Box 11-503 – Beirut, LebanonTelephone: +961 1 964 558 +961 1 964 558  +961 1 964 558  +961 1 964 558  Fax: +961 1 964 501Website: Authority:  


AAFM ® Pakistan, Sudan & Ethiopia - Trainer, Certification Evaluator and Nominator - Mr. Adnam Khan - Executive DirectorD-63, Block-8, Gulshan-e-lqbalKarachi PakistanTelephone: +0092-21-340174840092-21-4822234 0092-21-4822234  



AAFM Caribbean Securities and Commerce InstituteSaint Kitts and Nevis, West Indies


USA - Corporate Certification Training Requests DiCicco Financial Products Institute  AAFM ®



NEW SINGAPORE - Institute for Professional Excellence (IPE) - Singapore - The AAFM is pleased to announce the accreditation of the Institute for Professional Excellence (IPE) as our new training provider and the launch of AAFM's Chartered Mortgage Analyst (ChMA) training program with IPE.  - IPE is a training company specializing in the field of mo rtgage portfolio planning and wealth management. IPE is also the course developer and provider of the Certified Mortgage Portfolio Planner course, whose graduates are concurrently awarded with AAFM’s Chartered Mortgage Analyst (ChMA) professional certification and designation. - IPE aims to provide top notch training and industry insights to deliver a comprehensive and relevant program so that students can understand, be equipped and apply the knowledge learned. IPE’s focus is on core knowledge and practical application.  Trainers in IPE are equipped with many years of professional working experience in fields such as banking, insurance, stock trading and law. The trainers are also seasoned university lecturers and corporate trainers, providing training at both local and international platforms.

For more information, please visit




Sri Lanka

Representative in Sri Lanka & Maldives



Representative in Sri Lanka & Maldives

Rajkumar Kanagasingam, MABE(U.K.), FAAFM(USA)

Cell: +94 71 5 21 31 54




NEW TAIWAN - Certiplat Pte Ltd - The American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM) is pleased to announce the accreditation of Certiplat Pte Ltd as AAFM rsquo;s Accredited Training Provider in Taiwan. Certiplat is a professional HR training provider led by leaders who firmly believes that “Recognized Qualification” is the key factor, which enables enterprise and high-quality team members to demonstrate competitive edge internationally. Certiplat is focused on building up the International Qualification Platform (IQP) which provides tuition and examination services. The team members of Certiplat are highly experienced trainers of business management, leadership and financial analysis in Taiwan. Further, Certiplat is also dedicated to establish IQP as a vocational qualification benchmark integrated in HR training resources for academy, government and enterprise in the Greater China region.

For enquiries and details, please contact Mr. Marvin Lin at  or +886-2-77350048.



SAUDI ARABIA - Professional Financial Consultant Training - PFM PFC Certification

Mr. Ayman Dwidar, CMA, CFM Managing Director, Orbit Management Consultancy.


Jeddah, Madina Road, Saudi Business Center

Telefax: 00966 2 6920470 Mobile: 00966 557402036





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