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AAFM ® Board of Standards - Press Release - Encourages CFPB to Rate Accredited Certification Education as the Highest.


AAFM American Academy of Financial Management ® makes Comments to CFPB Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that top Accredited Business Schools have highest government standards which can lead to literacy and to certifications and designations.   Financial literacy and education is becoming central to investors and the general public alike. The CFPB Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and other global organizations are looking for answers about how to raise the bar with financial education. Responding to the call for consultation or proposals from the CFPB, the AAFM American Academy of Financial Management ® and their General Counsel George Mentz, JD, MBA have sent a letter regarding the highest standards of accredited program exams and government recognized business schools in the United States and worldwide.


George Mentz, international counsel and chairman of the certification standards of AAFM has stated that, " “A board certification earned by successfully completing accredited program exams and courses provides assurance that the advisor has mastered college degree level business skills and knowledge.” Double accredited business schools and accredited law schools represent approximately the top 10 percent in quality of degree and graduate programs worldwide. Not only that, but accredited law and business programs require ethics and professionalism education.


The AAFM American Academy of Financial Management ® and Counselor Mentz sent a letter and comments to the CFPB showing the importance of accredited financial and legal education that leads to board certifications. In it, AAFM and Mentz clarify that the bulk of credentialing programs meet no third-party standard, do not require an accredited degree recognized by the government, and have zero regulatory or accreditation oversight. This is why the AAFM® and Professor Mentz started a crusade over a decade ago to promote certification requirements of: US Government recognized Accredited Business School and Law School Programs and Exams such as ACBSP Double Accredited Business Schools.


Mentz, as a teaching professor at the TJSL accredited law school graduate program. After a student completes the qualifying law school courses and exams at the accredited institution, the candidate can then petition for certification if they have met the professional requirements of degree, ethics, assessment, experience, and continuing education.  As an example, the AAFM began to promote the CWM Chartered Certified Wealth Manager ® Program in the 1990s, was featured in 2004 in the Wall Street Journal as a leader in wealth management standards, and this designation may be achieved by successfully completing the CWM education and assessment program online from an accredited law program. See:


In sum, the accredited education leaders at over 1000 institutions worldwide see absolutely no reason to outsource education when government recognized or accredited program exams have met the test of time and quality for over 100 years.


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See Full Letter to the CFPB from Counselor Mentz

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