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George Mentz  JD, MBA, CWM - AAFM ® Board of Standards - Founder & Attorney


The GAFM ® Academy of Financial Management ®  International - Founder & Gen Counsel George Mentz


Prof. Dr. George Mentz, JD, MBA, CWM ®, QFP, Attorney at Law - USA -  GAFM ®










Mentz is first person in the United States to achieve "Quad Designation" Status by earning and achieving a Juris Doctorate Degree, AACSB recognized MBA Degree, Licensed Qualified Financial Planner Registration, and Certified Financial Consultant credential.    Author of over 200 Books and Articles and Teacher of over 200 graduate, law, and college accredited courses globally.   Featured and quoted in the Wall Street Journal ™, Reuters, The Hindu National, The Financial Times Asia, The Arab Times, El Norte Latin America, Forbes News, The Business Wire,,, AdvisoryFYI,  EuroInvestor News UK, Yahoo Finance, Morningstar News, Digital50 News, Direkt Broker Germany News, and more. Mentz is winner of a 2009 Excellence in Teaching Award, several faculty awards, and a meritorious service gold medal award for charity work.


George Mentz is the creator of the wealth management curriculum for accredited institutional use for international law.  He has been a professor for the post-doctorate program at the Diamond Law School program for several years along with serving as a JSD/PHD panel/mentor for the doctorate program .   Mentz is a licensed attorney & Dr. Mentz has taught over 200 graduate and undergraduate law and business courses and is the winner of several faculty awards for excellence along with earning 3 certifications regarding online education, mentorship, e-platforms and e-learning design.  . Mentz's Guides and books address: law, tax, management, operations, and compliance, including Wealth Management.


Prof. Mentz continues to consult as an expert with the Federal Government USA, volunteers as a Civil Society member to the United Nations, and serves on the advisory boards of the: GAFM ® American Academy International Board of Standards, The Latin American Capitulo - Analistas/ Financiero, The AABFS Arab Academy of Banking and Financial Sciences, the India Institute for Financial Management, the ACCE African Economists Association, the IQFP International Assn. for Qualified Financial Planners, and has also served on the advisory boards of the GFF Global Finance Forum in Switzerland and the World E-Commerce Forum in the UK. Also, Mentz has won academic awards for his delivery of Ethics and Professionalism Courses along with serving on the boards of charities, schools, and foundations.


Mentz is formerly with the KSF Class Action and Securities Law Firm.  Mentz has also been accepted as an expert in NASD Arbitration.  The Mentz law firm continues to be a leading consultant in Securities Fraud Consumer Protection. Mentz previously worked with the firm KG, LLC which was founded in 2001 by Wendell Gauthier, the nationally prominent class action attorney and lawyer most responsible for the national tobacco settlements in excess of $200 billion, and numerous other recoveries for thousands of plaintiffs in excess of $3 billion.


Mentz has been seen in international and national press, television and radio. Mentz, as a long time researcher, analyst, author and journalist, has syndicated expert columns in business, finance and careers in the US and Internationally. In 2011, Mentz was quoted by the:  Yahoo News, USA Today, India Times, American Banking News, Wall Street Globe, American Consumer News, Benziga Media, World News, Biz Wire Express,,,, Startpagina Netherlands, Interceder News, Digital,, Wall Street Sonnets, USA Today World News, Biz Wire Express, American Banking News, The Investment Authority news,, The Examiner, REDIFF India News,  San Francisco Chronicle


Mentz is a member of: Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fraternity (Initiated Member) - SBD Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society - Pi Sigma Epsilon - International Business and Marketing Fraternity (Initiated Member) - Delta Pi Epsilon - Business Professors and Educators Society (Initiated Member); MIBS Member of the International Barristers Society;  holder of the QFP Financial Planning Graduate Certification, and member of various charities and orders globally.  Mentz attended law school  courses at the oldest royal chartered college in the USA, William and Mary.  Mentz also attended graduate school programs in: Brazil, Belgium, Mexico, and Spain.  He is a member various boards, a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, and a member of the Yale Club New York City.


George Mentz Colorado Springs USA and New Orleans Louisiana
George Mentz Colorado Springs

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