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The GAFM ® Board is the 1st Graduate Certification Body to Become Accredited  and Certified for: ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 29990 Training in the World. GAFM ® owns the former AAFM ® Certifications and Programs


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AAFM ® American Academy of Financial Management  ®

AAFM ®   CWM ® Wealth Management Certification

The CWM® Certification is the 1st Graduate Wealth Management Credential in the United States.


The CWM® Accreditation Education and Exam Requirements have been disclosed to the NASD and FINRA for over 8 Years.


CWM ® is recognized in the USA, ASIA, India, Africa and around the world.


The CWM® is the first to have a bone fide graduate law course and assessment that leads to Certification Eligibility.


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CWM ® Certified Chartered Wealth Manager ® - AAFM ® Charter  Apply Now


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CWM ®  Chartered Wealth Manager ®

An AAFM ® Owned and Issued Certification chartered in  the United States of America

The CWM  ® Chartered Wealth Manager professional certification from the AAFM ®  American Academy of Financial Management  ® is the first graduate wealth management Charter & Board certification in the world as featured in the Investopedia, Forbes,  China Daily, Financial Times, Black Enterprise, Wall Street Journal,  and Money Manager[1][2] that was created and founded by the AAFM American Academy of Financial Management [3][4]. The US government trademarked CWM ® Chartered Wealth Manager AAFM ®  Certification [5] and Certified credential is only available for wealth managers with an accredited masters degree, law degree, CPA, PhD or specialized executive training from an ABA accredited law school [6] or other approved program in Asia, Europe, India, Latin America or Africa.

The CWM Certified ( Chartered Wealth Manager )
[7] designation and post-graduate qualification is exclusively issued and conferred by the USA Board of Standards American Academy of Financial Management  ®  (AAFM) [8][9] The CWM wealth management certification & designation is similar to financial planning certification but is as a graduate certification and curriculm in high net worth consulting and has always required a government recognized education and degree.[10] The CWM  ® Law School Curriculum has been approved for use with ABA Accredited Law School Programs.[11] Wealth Management is a profession and career that many bankers and investment professionals are entering.[12] Like any accredited law school graduate courses, the AAFM CWM certification courses[13] will count toward a post graduate degree such as a LLM or JSM, will count for continuing education for CPA and Law Licensing, and may count towards the CPA exam eligibility.

The CWM Chartered Wealth Manager Board Certification
[14] from AAFM USA requires knowledge in 12 key areas:[15] and is referenced in the Global Designation Directory and on the FINRA US Government Regulatory Website [16][17]

1. Estate Planning and Trusts 2. Asset Management 3. Portfolio Management 4. International Taxation 5. Retirement Law 6. Economics 7. Investments 8. Money and Banking 9. High Net Worth Consulting 10. Relationship Management, Compliance, and Ethics 11. Business Entities & Organizations 12. Risk Management and Insurance

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