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AAFM ® American Academy of Financial Management ® 

AAFM ® CPM Chartered Portfolio Manager Designation Curriculum

CPM ™ Chartered Portfolio Manager Program


CPM Chartered Portfolio Manager – Certification


Overview of The Course?

The program concentrates on the practical application of financial and capital markets theory, investment and portfolio management and principles at the operational level within the financial services organization, thus providing momentum for continuing professional and personal development.


By completing the series you will:

• Enhance your understanding of capital markets globally and regionally

• Assess the value of listed companies and reported performance through financial statement analysis

• Understand the balance of risk/return and time horizon in portfolio management

• Understand client needs, asset allocation and client retention strategies

• Market your finance products and services more effectively

• Identify market opportunities in the localized region and worldwide


Who Should Attend This Course?

• Executives & Portfolio Managers

• Wealth Managers and Analysts

• Hedge Fund Managers

• Trust Department Managers

• Fund Managers ETFs and Mutuals

• Retail Branch Managers

• Corporate Account Managers

• Family Office professionals

• Brokerage and Market Analysts

• Investment Advisors and Financial Planners

• Investment Managers and Analysts

• Stock Market Professionals

• Portfolio and Asset Managers

• Financial Marketing Professionals

• Heads of Financial Accounts

• Financial Controllers

• Operation and Planning Managers

• Research Officers and Media Professionals


Key Benefits of Attending this course

• Explore the latest advances in modern portfolio theory and differentiate your portfolio management skills by adopting international best practice

• Develop a checklist of key applied techniques in portfolio management that will remain with you throughout your career

• Become an expert in calculating and interpreting asset values and integrating risk pricing into your financial decisions

• Integrate optimum asset mix planning into your portfolio development strategies

• Maximize the impact of your reports and financial statements to improve client understanding and ensure buy-in to your portfolio management plans

• Appreciate the complexities of investing in emerging markets and develop strategies for managing risk and maximizing returns


Course Pre-Requisites

College Education or executive with comprehension of the terminology used and learning assumes a working knowledge of finance at the graduate level as a minimum. Individuals working within the financial services sector will be familiar with the base terms and theories used in coursework. Those without financial services experience will be required to do both pre-reading and additional study during the course to ensure a successful passing grade.


CPM - Progression And Exemptions

The American Academy of Financial Management and the Royal Society have formally agreed progression and exemption opportunities for candidates who have successfully completed the certifications and qualifications with a number of leading programs.


Course Agenda


CPM Module One

The Fundamentals Of Portfolio Management


An overview of investment strategy, capital markets and modern portfolio theory.

Essential Finance Principals

• An introduction to financial assets and capital markets

• Review of the objectives of corporate financial decision making

• The basics of asset valuation

• PV and FV, Rates of Return, Time value of Money

• Reading financial reports (balance sheets, fund reports, etc)

Portfolio Elements

• The role of the advisory (asset management, institutions, fund managers, etc)

• Risk reward

• Allocation strategies

• Sector, market and other methods of classification

• Regulations and constraints


CPM Mocule Two

Portfolio Types And Construction


Day Two extends the concepts covered during the first day to look at the most widely applied techniques used in business in making financial and investment decisions.

Part 1 – Portfolio Types And influences

• Asset classes

• Geography, sector

• Macro economic factors


Part 2 - Portfolio Design, Planning And Execution

• Market planning, analysis and targeting

• Segmentation methods

• Funding methods

• Manufacturing (In-house or outsourced)

• Distribution

• Asset management


CPM Module Three

Valuing Stocks, Bonds And Funds – Pricing The Risk/Return Relationship


Day Three examines the creation of value from the perspective both of the firm and the capital markets. Methods of pricing firm securities are illustrated along with approaches to estimating and pricing risk and the trade-off between levels of risk and return.

Part 1 – Valuation Methods

• The value of a corporation, characteristics of debt and equity

• Valuing debt, valuing equity, models of dividend growth

• Understanding and applying PE ratios

Part 2 – Risk/Return

• The nature of risk

• Measuring total risk

• More accurate pricing – variance calculations using a probability

distribution of returns

Part 3 – Diversification And Optimization

• Diversification theory and the calculation of portfolio risk

• Optimization of returns within a two stock / multi-stock portfolio

Case Study – Risk/Reward: Reviewing a series of portfolios and determining recommendations to your clients


CPM Module Four

Portfolio Theory And Asset Allocation


Module covers portfolio management and the issues related to the construction of an efficient portfolio for an individual client. It also looks at how portfolios should be funded and at the effects of different types of funding on value creation.


Part 1 – MPT (Modern Portfolio Theory)

• Market risk vs unsystematic risk

• Beta and the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)

• Choosing an optimum portfolio

• Calculating the cost of equity/debt capital

• The Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

Part 2 – Portfolio Rebalancing And Asset Mix Techniques

• Managing ongoing customer expectations

• Correlation methods and expected returns

• Strategic and tactical asset allocation

• Portfolio performance appraisal


CPM Module Five


Capital Structure Policy And Dividend Policy


Module Five concludes the program by discussing the key policy issues that follow from an understanding of the workings of the debt and equity markets, and portfolio diversification.


Part 1

• Capital structure policy

• Initial public offerings, rights issues and private placements of equity

• Commercial bills and promissory notes

• Financial, operating and leveraged leases

• Modigliani and Miller and capital structure irrelevance


Part 2

• Dividend policy

• Payout and plough back ratios

• Costs of issuing equity

• Transaction costs and information asymmetry


Final Examination And Assessment:


Under an agreement with the Law School , graduates of qualified accredited programs may apply directly for certification.  See LLM Program


Under an agreement with the Business School Accreditation Agency, graduates of qualified accredited business degree courses, exams and programs may apply directly for certification review.  See ACBSP Press Release


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