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AAFM ® ChE Chartered Economist -  Designation Curriculum

Chartered Economist

CCC ™ Certified Chartered Economist - AAFM ® Professional  Program


ChE – Certified Economist from the AAFM ®


The Certified Chartered Economists ChE CEPA ” is a professional designation and certification originated by the prestigious American Academy of Financial Management USA meant to be a graduate credential and identifying mark of professional Economists worldwide who are part of the AAFM Board Network.


The idea of Chartering in some specific career based aspects of Economics as a profession evolved in the United States of America and for some years now the Chartered Economists ideology is being spread by the Prestigious American Academy of Financial Management. This AAFM is also a founder and in agreement with the Association of Certified Chartered Economists (ACCE). The American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM), the Academy has certified and accepted ACCE as an official Training Centre for people who want to pursue courses leading to the award of Chartered Economists Certification in the approve fields of Economics and Economic Policy Analyst by AAFM.




This highly practical qualification has been specifically designed for those who have an understanding of the economic processes. It assumes that there is this level of knowledge and provides new insights into the economic and financial decision making processes. You will analyze case studies individually and in group discussions. Debate and interactive discussions are integral parts of the case study experience.


By Attending this intensive, interactive professional development program, you will be able to:

• Develop strategic decision models to improve your economic policy management

• Identify and forecast key value drivers and link them to economic strategy

• Leverage your organization’s financial position for maximum corporate gain

• Implement successful strategies to undertake the economic management and research process within your organization

• Drive financial decision-making within your Organization


Who Should Attend

• Economists & Managers/Directors

• Financial Analysts

• Professors and Research Analysts

• Financial Accounts Managers

• Heads of Department

• Credit and Risk Analysts

• Corporate Financiers

• Financial Analysts

• Plus anyone who works within the finance function and is interested in updating themselves on current developments in financial decision making and strategic planning.


By attending this course, the added benefits you will receive include:

• The ability to use your choice of the designation ChE or CEPA on your resume

• Up to 18 months membership to the AAFM professional body

• Access to the AAFM network and body of information online

• Being taught by a leading finance expert from the American Academy of Financial Management

• Membership to the only professional certification body recognized by the ACBSP Accreditation Agency, the world’s leading collection of business programs

• Qualification for entry into the AAFM Master Financial Professional Certification

• Access to the AAFM international network and journal published online

• Gold Embossed Charter Certification with your name and Designation



The Graduate Courses related to the Economist charter designation include:


Industrial Economics (ChE)

Managerial Economics (ChE)

Labour Economics (ChE)

Energy Economics (ChE)

Health Economics (ChE)

Economic Policy Analysis (ChE)


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Under an agreement with the Law School , graduates of qualified accredited programs may apply directly for certification.  See LLM Program


Under an agreement with the Business School Accreditation Agency, graduates of qualified accredited business degree courses, exams and programs may apply directly for certification review.  See ACBSP Press Release


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