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AAFM ® CMA Chartered Mortgage Analyst -  Designation Curriculum

CMA ™ Chartered Mortgage Analyst - Professional  Program


Chartered Mortgage Analyst

Event Overview & Program Summary


This program will teach you how to effectively develop and market retail mortgage products. You will cover the basic mortgage structures available to a product manager and then examine the ways in which they can be designed to target whatever segment you wish. The program covers all the key aspects of development including profitability, positioning, promotions as well as covering other key aspects you need to know, including credit and collections.


By Attending This Highly Interactive Program You Will Be Able To:

• Structure innovative mortgage products that will help you thrive in challenging markets

• Effectively position your mortgages and understand which products are right for your business

• Develop a competitive marketing plan for your mortgage products

• Evaluate the economic and competitive environment when developing your mortgage products

• Apply credit assessment and collection policies

• Understand the key income and cost drivers for mortgage products


About The Mortgage Analyst Event

The mortgage industry has experienced a very dramatic change. With this change comes a unique new set of challenges for the mortgage analyst working in the region.

In order to remain afloat and take advantage of new opportunities that are growing out of this financial mess, you must take a fresh look at how you do your job by nurturing new perspectives.


We are giving you this opportunity with our highly successful, newly updated course, Chartered Mortgage Analyst. What’s more, on satisfactory completion of this comprehensive course you will be entitled to use the designation CMA on your business cards and marketing collateral. If you are in the mortgage and home finance business in the Gulf region then this program is a must-attend. I look forward to welcoming you to Chartered Mortgage Analyst program.


Who Should Attend This Highly Focused Program?


If you are involved with the development and delivery of mortgage and home finance products or work within consumer banking and lending, you will benefit from attending this course. It is also designed for executives who have recently moved to consumer banking or lending or for those that need to update their knowledge in retail financial services.


Program Assessment

This course provides an internationally recognized professional qualification, certified by the Board of Standards of the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM). Originally founded in America, AAFM has members in over 150 countries and as such, this course brings with it the experience of finance professionals around the world. In order to pass this course and use the official designation you will have to demonstrate, through a formal assessment process, that you understand and can apply the course material in a professional setting. Assessments are defined by the AAFM Board of Standards and ensure that all candidates are of the same high-quality, international standard in their chosen designation field.

Candidates who fail this assessment may be allowed to re-sit, where assessment is via an examination, at the discretion of the course leader.


Mortgage Analyst - Module One

Overview Of Mortgage Banking

• Mortgage banking overview

• Mortgage market overview

• Mortgage loan products overview

Why Do Banks Sell Mortgage Loans?

• Covering the trade off between risk and return

• Comparing home lending against other forms of consumer credit

Overview Of The Consumer Credit Cycle

• The foundation framework for retail lending activities

• Discussing the principle that mortgage products cannot be developed in isolation without considering the risk/return trade-off


Mortgage Analyst - Module Two

Mortgage Products – The Building Blocks

• Different loan structures

• Standard amortizing versus revolving mortgages

• Fixed rate versus variable

• Repayment options

Understanding Mortgage Products

• Review product features and benefits of mortgage products

• Develop a tool box of mortgage features on which to build powerful propositions

• Develop bespoke mortgage products

Mortgage Product Development In-Depth

• Terms and conditions

• Pricing

• Repayment options


Mortgage Analyst - Module Three

Mortgage Value Propositions

• How different product structures appeal to different segments

• Understanding customer behavior

• How to segment the customer base


• Understanding the cost and income drivers of a mortgage portfolio

• Which metrics should be used to manage a portfolio?

Overview Of Credit Aspects Of The Mortgage Product

• Credit assessment policies

• Understanding risk dynamics of the various mortgage types

• Managing the credit risk

• Understanding the collections function


Mortgage Analyst - Module Four

Managing The Portfolio

• Metrics used to manage the risk of the portfolio

• Early warning signs

• Options to mitigate risk

Overview Of Operational Aspects Of Marketing A Mortgage

• Lending acceptance operations

• Lending maintenance operations

• Funding issues

• Portfolio acquisition


Mortgage Analyst - Module Five

Current Issues In Mortgage Lending

• What is sub prime and its impact on mortgage lending?

• Portfolio acquisition

• Development Of A Mortgage Product


A key part of the course will be to use the theory, examples, case-studies of best practice and to synthesize this information into a product proposal. The proposal developed by the teams will cover the following:


• Structured products

• Business strategy

- What targets do you seek to achieve?

• Target customer segments

- What are the characteristics of the segment you are targeting?

- What is the bank’s position in the market? Leader or follower?

- What are the key quantitative and qualitative drivers of the market?

• Economic and competitive environment

- The economic conditions and relevant competitors and their impact in developing the product

• Terms and conditions of the loans

- Which product features should be included in the product?

- Define the various options relating to pricing, repayment terms, loan size etc

• Profitability

- Develop a basic model to determine product profitability

• Develop a marketing and promotions plan

- How the mortgage should be positioned and promoted

- Which channels are the most appropriate?



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