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AAFM ®  CMA Chartered Certified Marketing Analyst ™    Designation Curriculum


CMA ® Certified Marketing Analyst - Charter Certification from AAPM ®


CMA ™ Chartered Marketing Analyst – Certification


Event Overview

By Attending This Executive Training Course You Will:

• Better comprehend the changing marketing environment for financial institutions in the Global Marketplace and Local region

• Understand the integral role of marketing in the development of new banking products and services

• Know how to deal with increased competitive pressure coming from the big global banks

• Understand customer behavior, segmentation and specific market and pricing strategies

• Learn how to position your institution to the most valuable high-net-worth Individuals

• Improve the components of effective relationship management

• Discover how to develop a multi-year marketing strategy for services and products in your organization

• Gain long term competitive advantage


About the Event

It is impossible to successfully market any product today without examining the current situation and finding a way to overcome it.

Even in the current climate, the world’s largest companies and operators are investing heavily in the emerging markets to capture market share. The global marketplace has become an active investment market for foreign companies growth opportunities. In this environment, you need to have a clear understanding of your competitive differentiation and be able to create a strong and definitive brand proposition.

Much has been done to improve marketing technologies and strategies in the past years, particularly with the introduction of the internet and the strong focus on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), but you also see much more clearly defined customer segmentation analysis and solutions.

Chartered Marketing Analyst ™ Program will uncover marketing strategies and technologies which are essential for success in the global changing competitive landscape.


Who Should Attend? Marketing Analyst

This highly practical qualification has been specifically designed for:

• Marketing Managers

• Marketing Practitioners

• Advertising and PR Agency Executives

• Customer Relationship Managers

• Product Line Managers

• Retail Banking Managers

• Sales and Promotions Managers responsible for services marketing


Why Global Marketing?

In the global markets, deregulation and competitive pressures have made it very difficult to differentiate by product and marketing has become an essential component in driving business activity. Home grown institutions in Asia, USA, Europe and Africa have to start with building world-class brands and professionally market core products and services to the right target audience in order to compete with world class players and Fortune 500 Companies


Marketing Analyst Course Overview

The course has been designed to teach the practical marketing techniques and skills required by marketing and customer relationship professionals. It covers nine major subject areas and utilises a variety of training techniques. The key areas of the agenda include:

• The competitive environment

• The role of marketing

• Customer behavior

• Developing new products and services

• Pricing strategies

• Promotion and communication

• Distribution and multi-channel considerations

• CRM and marketing strategy and planning

The emphasis is practical and pragmatic rather than theoretical, with real case studies from some of the world’s leading institutions.


Course Objectives

• The goal of this course is to provide you with diagnostic skills that can be immediately used upon return to your respective regional and international banks, marketing departments or agencies.

• You will learn to use demonstrated marketing strategies which will enable you to help your organization (or in the case of agencies – clients) compete in an increasingly competitive market.

• This course is also designed to enhance the documentation of marketing teams which will reduce planning time and enhance business cases to support new products and campaigns.


Marketing Analyst - Module One

Setting The Scene

The Role Of Marketing

• Marketing then and now

• Five myths of marketing

• Five step marketing management process

• The role of marketing strategy in corporate strategy

The Changing Marketing Environment For Banks And Institutions

• Forture 500 SWOT

- Demographic

- Technological

- Economic

- Political/regulatory

• Changing service models


Marketing Analyst - Module Two

Marketing Research For Management Decision Making

Developing And Using Market Intelligence

• Market research and MIS

• Reasons, needs and Q’s

What Kinds Of Information A Company Needs

• Macro environment

• Task environment

• Consumers

• Collaborators

• Competitors

• Company environment

• Control mechanisms

Methods Of Gathering Information

• Principle research methods

• The research brief

• Questionnaire design guidelines

Managing Company Information

• Management information centre

- Organization and mission


Marketing Analyst - Module Three

Understanding Consumer Behavior And Its Impact On Marketing In The Services Arena

Understanding Consumer Behavior

• Behavioral drivers for retail customers and private banking clients

• Behavioral drivers of institutions and business to business banking

• The buyer decision process

Segmentation And Targeting

• How banks find, target and develop relationships with valuable customer segments

Developing New Banking Products And Services

• Understanding banking products and what they do for customers

• Product development process

• Services marketing and how services require different strategies

Pricing Strategies

• Customer understanding of prices and how they can be managed

• Competing effectively on price and how to avoid price wars


Marketing Analyst - Module Four

Brand Marketing And The Marketing Mix

Brand Management

• Branding for ‘me’ – the key differentiator, establishing positioning, building and sustaining equity and loyalty

• The vital role of brand management

• Steps in developing a strong brand

Designing The Marketing Mix

• The four ‘P’s or should it be five, six or seven?

• The effective marketing communications mix

• The creative brief

• Planning integrated marketing communications campaigns


Marketing Analyst - Module Five

Relationship Marketing And Customer Relationship Management

Creating And Sustaining Relationship Strategies

• The importance of relationships for customers

• The importance of relationships for banks

• Components of an effective relationship

• Creating and sustaining relationship strategies

Multi-Channel Relationships

• The customer e-journey


Case studies and work group session: Develop a marketing launch plan

Review And Course Summary

Course Examination



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