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The AAFM ® Board is the 1st Professional Development Standards Body to integrate double accredited business school education and exams for higher certification standards. AAFM ® is the first to approve accredited law school program courses, exams and education for certification.


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AAFM ® American Academy of Financial Management ® 

AAFM ® Global - Requirements for Certification

AAFM ® Certification Requirements


AAFM ® Public Requirements for Certification - AAFM is The First to integrate "Double Accredited" Government Sanctioned education and a Path To Earning Professional Designation, Certification and Chartered Status.


We require qualifications such as two of the following:

1.An ABA AACSB, ACBSP, or Equis Accredited Financial, Investment, Accounting, Tax or Economics Related Degree. 3-5 + years of professional experience.

2.Must have a government recognized degree: Licenses, Degree, MBA/MASTERS or Law Degree, PhD, CPA, Recognized Designations, & specialization work, or

3.Complete a related degree with an AAFM ® approved and accredited university Program and Exams. APPROVED PROGRAMS

4.Complete ONLINE Executive Certification Training Programs with the Law School: http://www.llmprogram.org/aafm.html  



* These accredited education and exam requirements have been public and disclosed on governmental and authoratitive websites for a decade



Certification Standards of AAFM ®


  1. AAFM ® awards Certification to successful graduates of the online law school courses which are from an Accredited Law School. AAFM ® is the first in the WORLD to have an alliance with an Accredited Law School. www.llmprogram.tjsl.edu
  2. The AAFM ® American Academy is The First to Directly Recognize by Articulation the Highest Certifications Standards including:


  1. Accredited Programs
  2. Government Recognized Programs
  3. Exams from Accredited Programs & Exams
  4. Double Accreditation
  5. Government Licenses


Apply Now for Certification and (CUT/PASTE) Email Your Resume and Credential Information to us.  APPLICATION

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