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American Academy of Financial Management ® Recognized by Wall Street Journal Again


AAFM ® Member Disclosure from our Legal Offices to Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Journal References and Evidence Provided to the Wall Street Journal October 2010 - Full Disclosure of AAFM Global Recognition, Faculty Award Winners, Trademark Contracts with CFP and CFA Institute,FINRA disclosure, and Accredited Graduate Programs

This information provided to our global members as part of our Transparency and Full Disclosure of Contracts, Awards Advisors and our Accredited Law School Programs and recognition of AACSB and ACBSP Double Accredited Schools

  • Here is the: CFA Global Agreement Contract with AAFM ® Board USA. This agreement is where CFA memorializes and agrees not to interfere with our AAFM ® Intellectual Property as listed. It is signed by Counselor Glover who was most probably Jeannie Anderson's supervisor at the time. Ms Anderson personally mailed and emailed/sent AAFM this document on: Dated and Signed by Supervising Attorney Sharon Glover on Jan. 5th, 2004. CFA Jeannie Andersons Consent and Contract
  • Below is the link to the Written Acceptance and consent by Dr. Harvey - one of our 2003 AAFM ® Faculty Award and AAFM ® Honorary Advisor Status Members Dr. Cam- Harvey at Duke Univ Accepted/Dated. Monday, March 31, 2003 9:34 AM - Dr. Harvey has been listed as an Honorary Advisor and Award Winner for 7 Years. Dr. Harvey's Acceptance Letter * Business Law Note: Award Winners or Honorary Advisors can not legally speak for or advise AAFM in any way under simple Agency Law Rules and Regulations.
  • Below is a link to the Written Acceptance and consent by Jacob Gold of AAFM® Honorary Advisory Status . Accepted/Dated Monday, November 27, 2006 8:54 AM Publicly disclosed as "Honorary" for 4 years. Jacob-Gold's Consent and Acceptance
  • AAFM Award Recipients are clearly * specified on the websites for the public to see: http://www.financialcertified.com/board.html THIS Disclaimer has been on the public websites for years: * AAFM ® Global Board of Academic Advisors & Professors 2005-10* Note: these distinguished faculty members are not faculty of AAFM. The majority of professors here are award recipients and honorary distinguished global advisors. Agency Law Prohibits honorary advisors for speaking for the AAFM
  • CFP Recognition of AAFM Programs - Here is the Public Link where the CFP® Board and the governing FPSC "Owner of CFP Canada" publicly recognizes our AAFM® CWM® Chartered Wealth Manager Executive Program for continuing education. http://www.fpsc.ca/ce-course-providers
  • Here are the public links to the : The Wall Street Journal's own internal FINRA documentation of the AAFM requirements for Certification using/referencing the FINRA Governmental Disclosed Information: The AAFM USA has had our specific graduate education requirements disclosed and public with the NASD and FINRA for all to see for over 5 years. public links
  • WSJ internal reference guide to AAFM Accreditation Requirements including AACSB and ACBSP http://online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/st_CREDIT1015_20101015.html Sources: Finra, Wall Street Journal research Write to the Online Journal's editors at newseditors@wsj.com





AAFM Founder and Securities Law Attorney George Mentz , Esq. would like to welcome you to the AAFM which is the 1st to integrate double accredited education that is recognized by the United States Government and graduate ABA law School education as a financial certification education path.